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Terms and Conditions

  All content is protected by Copyright under Portuguese law, European Union and International Treaties and may not be used outside the conditions of free use permitted by law.The terms give the owner of the site the ability to protect themselves in case of possible legal exposure.

  Provided that you comply with these Terms and Conditions and applicable law, particularly the protection of copyright and industrial property rights and criminal laws, you and the User enjoy complete freedom to use the Shark Atlantic Site.

  You and the User are solely responsible for your use of all content available on or from the Site in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

In particular, the following activities are expressly prohibited:


(1) performing illegal activities or activities that infringe the rights of Shark Atlantic or its Customers and Users or other Internet users;

(2) using any identity other than that of the Customer or User or falsifying or concealing in any way the identity of the Customer or User in e-mail messages, or any Internet service

(3) cancel articles from newsgroups that are not of its own authorship or without being mandated to do so by the other users of such newsgroups

(4) produce or reproduce contents with offensive or defamatory features or that may violate the privacy or other rights of third parties

(5) produce or reproduce texts, data, images or programs with illegal, criminal, racist, profane, pornographic, obscene content, or that, in any way, may violate human rights or infringe the legislation in force

(6) transmit, reproduce, advertise the sale, offer, exchange or demand for any copy or form of obtaining a copy or form of use of a copy of a computer program, musical work, videogram, written publication or any other work protected by copyright or industrial property legislation, or any other material or information that may be legally protected or violates the rights of third parties, regardless of the medium used, without holding the respective rights of transmission, reproduction, advertisement, use or legally required authorization;

(7) interfere with or condition in any way the use of the Site or violate any rules, regulations or standards of networks connected to the use of the Shark Atlantic Site

(8) introduce, transmit or make accessible in any way material that contains viruses, programs, systems or files that destroy or limit the functionality and/or capacity of any computer, including software and hardware or electronic communications equipment

(9) participate in pyramid schemes and chain letters;

(10) promote or provide information about illegal activities, such as physically harming other individuals or cruelty to animals.

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