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Enriched Air Nitrox Certification


Price per Person

Also known as Nitrox, the Enriched Air course enables you to use enriched air mixtures up to 40% oxygen, offering you the possibility to extend your dives by increasing no-decompression limit times and reduce surface intervals between dives. This specialty course is even more advantageous on dives between 15 and 30 meters increasing your enjoyment time on these types of dives. If you enjoy photography, exploring wrecks and/or are a travel fan, this is a course you will want to take!

Group Size: 1 - 8 People

Duration: practical lessons + 5 theoretical lessons (E-Learning)

Diving Location: Click             To see all Locations

Minimum Age: 12 Years Old

Transport: +30€ 

Insurance: Company provides Diving Insurance

Photos: Free

Important Notes: 

1 - Open (junior) Water Diver certification required.

2 - You need to wait at least 12 hours before and after flying to make a safe dive.

3 - Always bring swimwear, towel and sun protection.

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